How to get Ideas for your Next Podcast

In this blog we will understand how we can use TrendingTags Pro to get lots of ideas for our next Podcast.

How to get Ideas for your Next Podcast

Lets make our podcast amazing!!

First of all we need to be very clear about what people are looking for in our region.

In the below steps, I will show you all how we used TrendingTags Pro to get the content ideas for our next podcast. I will be using "US" as my region for below steps.

Lets get started

Step 1 - Searching Content Ideas

In this step we will use TrendingTags Pro account to get content ideas for our region. So, from the country selection list select the country you want to target, let say "US"

Once done, select the Daily Ranking from ranking selection list after that select that recent day.

Now click on the big "Search Ideas" button, it will give you list of ideas for that day.

Searching Content Ideas

Searching Content Ideas

Once you get the list of ideas, it will also show you the articles that have been ranked for that keyword and also the search traffic and based on these data you can decide which content are you intrested in.

Step 2 - Keyword Performance (Very Important Step)

Once you are ready with you keyword you have check the performance of the keyword and that can be done by using "Keyword Planner", just type the keyword and check the performnace for best results always look for 6 months or below 6 months data as it helps us to understand if people still has intrest for that content or not.

You can also get more detailed analysis of your keyword performance by selecting the diffrent category.

Keyword Performance

Note: As we see in the above image that the particular keyword perfomance is not very good, so we will go back to the Step 1 again and do the search for recent days.

Searching Content Ideas

We have following new results for that day and lets check the keyword performance of that keyword.

Keyword Performance

Keyword Performance

So, in the above image we see that it has pretty good performance and also the reach is pretty good for diffrent region. This topic looks perfect for our podcast. Now lets get search suggestion for our podcast to know what people are seaching for that topic.

Step 3 - Search Suggestion

Now, using the the search suggestion you can get diffrent ideas for that keyword. Our search suggestion gets data from diffrent search engines as helps you suggest the ranked search suggestions for that keyword.

Search Suggestion

Search Suggestion

This is how you plan your ppodcast content using TrendingTags Pro. All you have to do is follow the simple 3 steps for content ideas and growth.

If you like it, I'll be happy to know if someones create a podcast on TrendingTags Pro also dont forget to tweet or message us on

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Amit Kumar Singh