Why Search Volume, CPC (Cost Per Click) and Competition data are hidden in Pro Plan?

So, before I tell you all why these data are hidden in TrendingTags Pro Plan, I would like you all to tell what is the need of these hidden data and how does these data adds values to your content marketing.

Why Search Volume, CPC (Cost Per Click) and Competition data are hidden in Pro Plan?

What TrendingTags Pro is doing ?

We are trying to fix problems that an early content creators for example a YouTuber, Content Blogger, Podcast Creator or a Small Business Owner face when they start their content creation journey.

Most of the time or the most early content creators that I have talked, they dont know about what people are looking for and they are working on their own content but the problem is those content sometimes does not reach to the people and most of the time those content are unreached.

Note: I am not saying that you dont have to work on the content for which you are passonate about or for which your are good at, but their is trick that you have understand. You will get all your answers after reading this blog.

See, we can understand about the content growth with a simple TrendingTags Principels that is "First Identify What People Want?"

Once we understand what people want or what people are looking for, things become easier for us to deliver that content to the people.

Let us know how TrendingTags Pro is helping us to solve these problem.

TrendingTags Pro - 3 Steps to Content Growth

  1. Content Ideas

    Now to know "What People Want" we have Content Ideas options in our pro plan that will give you ideas for Daily and RealTime content ideas that people have been looking for in diffrent country and that data is enough to identify what people want.

  2. Keyword Planner

    Once we know abou the topic that people are looking for we need to check the performance of the keyword as it give great insight that people are still intrested for that topic or not and this data will help you understand weather you have to work on that content idea or not. If the keyword performance is good you are good to go but the keyword performane is based then it is not advisable for the content creators to work on that content because their very few chance that someone will look your content but if you have good amount of traffic or subscribers you can still do it because their is chance that your subscribers may see your content.

  3. Search Suggestions

    Now we only have know the topic in which people are intrested and some realted keyword that people are intrested into but to know more about the realted suggestion for that topic which people are actually looking for you will have to search for suggestion for that topic using our search suggestion option as it will give lots of keyword suggestion that actually people are searching for and these keywords are ranked keyword we bring these data from diffrent search engine like Amazon, Yahoo, Google and some other third party websites and we use our own filter process to show you the best ranked data.

Now come the main question for which we are reading this blog why search volume, cpc and competition data is hidden?

  1. First Reason

    So, basically these data are very helpfull to know exact volume for those suggestions how many people are looking for that keyword as it will give you great idea on which keyword you have to use. Also, cpc and competion data helps us to know the cost per clic for that suggestion and the competion because if the competion is high then it becomes difficult for us to rank our artcile, blog, websites for such search suggestions but if we know which keyword has mid or low competion that we can easily rank our blog, artciles or website for such keywords and also cpc helps us to understand whcih search suggestions to use.

  2. Second Reason

    Most website does not show these data and also their are few websites and tools in market that does but they charge quite high then what we charge its twice of what we are charing, but the problem is those data are not correct and we found the right method while we were working in the content research marketing and the data we show has more accuarcy then what other tools are offering.

  3. Third Reason

    These data are generally help full for marketing agencies and midium or large size business owner.

So, we planned to hide these data and we have a Pro Plus plan in which you can see these volume, cpc and competiton data but TrenndingTags Pro is enough for an individual to get started with their content growth.


Amit Kumar Singh