About TrendingTags

TrendingTags is an analytical tool for content marketing strategy. This tool helps you create the right content e.g., blog, video, podcast, articles, etc by helping you identify what people are looking for online in different regions.
This tool helps business owners, content creators, digital marketers identify the right opportunity in the online market related to science, tech, industries, etc and it helps you find out what people are looking for in such categories in different countries.

How TrendingTags works in three simple steps

  • 01 Search Content Ideas

    Search for content ideas for your region and find out what people are looking for everyday. Also, find out what people are looking for in real time.

  • 02 Check Keyword Performance

    Keyword performance helps you understand if the particular keyword is good for use or not. It helps you understand the reach of the keyword and accordingly seeing the performance you can plan to use.

  • 03 Search Suggestion

    Search suggestions help you identify different content ideas for that particular keyword and accordingly you can use it to get better reach for your content

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